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with love..

with love..


“Having worked as a practitioner in a health retreat for 5 years, with (in my opinion) some of the world’s best skincare products, I have always been very particular about what I choose to use on my skin.  Very rarely have I come across other products quite so incredible.  Temple has, however, surpassed my expectations.  My skin feels better than ever.  I know the ingredients are pure.  My soul feels nourished.  My spirit uplifted.  These beautiful products take you on a sensory journey.”

Kristie x o x (Mt Glorious)

I have been using Temple products for 4 years now and I won’t use anything else.  I use the Light Moisturiser day cream, the Advanced Moisturiser night cream, the Gentle Facial Cleanser, the Radiance Exfoliant and ‘Spring’ Body Lotion and my skin has never felt better.  I also know the products are made using organic ingredients with no harmful chemicals and this is very important to me.  The pricing is incredibly reasonable and I have put both my mother and teenage daughter on to the products.  It’s really important to me to know that my daughter is using products which do no harm to the environment or her, and also enhance her beauty regime – naturally.

I am a huge fan and will continue using Temple forever!

Michele (Samford)

Hi Donna,

I would like to order more Temple products please.  My 15 year old son loves your facial cleanser and I am thrilled as he was wanting to use the chemical acne ones from the shops – phew!

Take care,

Allanah (Buderim)

‘Just a little note to say thank you very much for sending me the Temple trial pack. I have absolutely loved it Donna and my eyes haven’t been sensitive to the products at all. I am very grateful to you for this, and to Mitch too for letting me know about you and Temple. I also loved the body lotion you popped into my parcel.

I have used the clay twice so far and love it – as I do all of the Temple products. I loved it from the time I unscrewed the first jar and I can’t thank you and my beautiful sister enough!…

The Spring Body Lotion is just gorgeous on my skin and I have used the body wash sample you sent me – thank you…I’ll need some more Temple Rosehip Oil as well’…

Si (The Pilbara WA)