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Our Story

Our Story

In the crisp air, amongst the rolling hills and valleys of Queensland’s countryside, Temple Organic Skincare was brought to life.

The Founder, Donna Smith has worked in the beauty and cosmetics industry for over 30 years. From multiple prestigious French fragrances and the world-renowned Clinique Skincare, Donna began to investigate organic options and found the range was insufficient.

The concept for Temple emerged 14 years ago when Donna discovered the need to treat multiple skin types including her own and her two daughters’ skin. 

Donna felt that mainstream skincare industry had failed to respond to the needs of women who wanted quality products without chemicals.

From her own extensive research and conversations with hundreds of women she discovered that a large proportion of women was looking for ‘organic skincare’ products, not just ‘natural’ skincare products.

On the other hand, there were very few organic skincare providers that could deliver on skincare efficacy and compete with mainstream marketing, presentation and chemically-derived results.

Donna wanted divinity. She wanted absolute quality; so she sort out certified-organic and premium ingredients that would produce the most radiant results without the damage of mainstream products, thus Temple was born.

Our philosophy is to nurture, value and respect; to help you feel empowered and strengthened so you, in turn, can go on to strengthen others.