Why Temple

Consumers are increasingly aware of the quality and safety of the foods they consume and body care products they use. At the heart of this worldwide trend is a desire to consume and use products which are safe, sustainable, and produced in an environmentally and socially aware way. Temple products provide the following key benefits:
Feature Benefit to customer
Free from toxins or chemicals Using pure, toxin-free skincare products on your skin without chemicals or toxins means that your body and organs are free from harm.
Certified organic ingredients Certified organic gives you an independent, industry recognised assurance that the product is indeed organic.
Finest quality oils, butters, creams and other ingredients for skincare preparations have been selected. You will experience a marked positive difference in the look and feel of your skin, resulting in a softer, more hydrated, less lined appearance to your skin.
Specifically selected blend of aromatherapy oils termed as “Signature Aroma of Temple.” You may experience an uplifted, energised and balanced feeling when using Temple products
Advanced Moisturiser and Rosehip oils are pure essential fatty acids Fatty acids are known to restore and repair cellular damage so you will notice a positive improvement in the feel and texture of your skin.
Temple formulator is an industry leader You have ‘peace of mind’ knowing that Temple products are formulated by a reputed professional in the industry with 18 years experience
Up market glass bottles and jars Elegant packaging in glass containers instead of plastic means that the product looks fabulous and is protected from leaching when compared to plastic containers.
Temple is environmentally conscious You can feel confident that your purchase  also supports the protection of the environment, using organic products and reusable packaging.
Product presented in white cotton voile pouch instead of throw-away cardboard packaging With Temple, it feel like you are receiving a beautifully presented gift. You can also reuse white pouch for many purposes and not contribute to  a ‘throw away’ society