about us

Made for womenMade for women by women

Temple Organic Skincare is owned and operated by Donna Smith. Donna has previously worked in the cosmetics industry as marketing manager for prestigious French fragrances, and in consulting to Clinique Skincare and Earthsentials Skincare. The concept for Temple emerged from Donna’s personal observations and interest in the organic industry, accompanied by the realisation of an increased upward demand for high quality, effective skincare products. She especially saw the need to develop an organic skincare business providing luxurious skin care products to women of all ages.

Skincare for discerning women

Donna felt that mainstream skincare providers had failed to respond to the needs of women who wanted quality products without chemicals. This discerning market segment found those needs unfulfilled in the mainstream sector and were looking for alternatives. From her own extensive research and conversations with hundreds of women she discovered that a large proportion of women was looking for ‘organic skincare’ products, not just ‘natural’ skincare products. On the other hand, there were very few organic skincare providers that could deliver on skincare efficacy and compete with mainstream luxurious presentation and chemically-derived results. The philosophy of Temple underpins everything that the organisation does.  This philosophy is to nurture, honour and support women so they feel strengthened and in turn go on to nurture and support others in their community.